Oh, the job hunt... We all go through it, though the process can look strikingly different for every person. It goes without saying that the job search can be pretty overwhelming and time-intensive. With this in mind, we've created two resources for you.

  1. A consolidated list of companies still hiring during the pandemic
  2. A template built with a system to help you keep track of all your applications, contacts, assignments... and overall, visualize your journey. It's an organized look into your job process and one to refer back to when you're ready for that next step

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β†’ Check out Part I of our video series, Resetting Your Job Search for Success

Guide #1

Guide #2

Here are three tables to help organize and keep track of your job hunt.

  1. Contacts: people relevant to your job search
  2. Jobs: openings that you applied to
  3. Assessments: take-home assignments in the interview process

πŸ’‘Tip: Click Duplicate at the top right of this page to copy this template into your workspace. Use it as a starting point and feel free to customize it to work for you ✌️

<aside> πŸ‘‡ **CONTACTS

List all relevant people and contacts in your job search.** This includes recruiters, hiring managers, informational interviewers, or people that gave an intro or referral on your behalf. Also include those you want to connect with in the future.



<aside> πŸ‘‡ **JOBS

List all job postings and the status of your application process.**