We all love a good self-care routine 🙌 While the two of us have indulged in numerous pampering sessions, we decided to shift focus and pay extra attention to our mental and emotional health. Just like you can ignore a tweak in your back and cause it to snowball into a bigger pain point, we can also dismiss our mental and emotional states and develop a blind spot to our own needs.

To understand and care for ourselves better, we started therapy. But the process to kick start therapy was both overwhelming and confusing and we even gave up a few times in between. We created this page as a guide to address all our questions when we first ventured into therapy like:

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👇 Read on for the therapy guide


1 — Financing Therapy

Look Into Your Insurance

Reading the fine print on your insurance plan is a good place to start, though there are other ways to find a therapist as we will get into later.

In-Network vs. Out-of-Network

Therapists can be largely categorized as being in-network or out-of-network.